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Six women. Three months. Changing your bodies. Fuelling your love.


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  • will commit to THREE full months of coaching with Krista - training, nutrition, and mental bulletproofing
  • have 30-100 lbs to loose.. 
  • would LOVE to post on multiple social media platforms 3 times a week
  • will not be afraid to share your experience in your own voice through writing, pictures, and video
  • WANT to utterly transform into your fit.strong.confident.healthiest YOU.
"I invite you to apply to become a TrainingLife brand ambassador - not something to take lightly! I AM going to change your life.. And I DO want everyone to know about it!" 
- Krista

Here's my promise..

I will commit to three months of customized training, nutrition, and jumping into the trenches with you. FOR FREE.

You? You commit to getting coached and be epically social about it. You share links, you invite conversations, you pay it forward. Sound like something you could do? 

Here's the catch..

This entire program is FREE - IF you hold up your end of the bargain.* This means you provide bi-weekly progress pictures and measurements, you post 3x/week on your social media platforms, you talk about your experience at every occasion, and you agree to allow your experience to be used for promotions for TrainingLife and Krista. Most of all? This means you COMMIT to doing the program come hell or high water. It WILL change your life - IF you do it. 

If you're down, I'm in 100%. You ready? Apply by entering in your information and clicking submit. 

*Without commitment participants pay regular fee of $99.99/month

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